School of the Bible


Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30am for our School of the Bible.  There will be a new subject every few weeks and instructors rotate frquently.  


We are currently in a series called "Old Testament Survey".  This series is accompanied by the book "Old Testament Survey" by Kevin J. Conner and Ken Malmin.  Join us as we explore the Old Testament and gain a better understanding of each book in the Old Testament and see how God moved among his people, used prophets to lead His people, and bring them into all the promises He made them.  We will learn about different moves of God throughout the Old Testament and about the men and women He used to bring about His Word on this earth leading to the promised Messiah.  All are welcome.  You will truly be blessed in this series.


This series is being taught by Pastor Darrell Gregory.  There is a time of fellowship before class starting at 9am.  Come join us and be a part!  We look forward to seeing you there!